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Yipes. Girls are dressing up like Cyndi Lauper for Halloween. I used to dress like Cyndi Lauper to live my life.


See those big black and gold dangly earrings toward the end of the video? Yeah, I had a pair like that. Also the bracelets. Can’t leave the house without an armful of bracelets bought in bunches from an Indian boutique. I had an entire rack of ruffle-tiered skirts. I used to swish them just like Cyndi when I went up and down stairs. Cyndi also inspired me to double pierce my ears in the tiny booth in the mall next to the food court one day after school. I was such a rebel.

What? You mean you never formed a conga line with your girlfriends to dance up and down the halls of your dorm singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” at the top of your lungs? Well, okay, maybe that’s just me.


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