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Imagining Marc Jacobs

marc13What is so very special about wearing a prairie skirt over a vintage trench coat cinched at the waist with a teeny pencil belt? Or this girlie power suit variation in the picture?

Would you consider this combo? On an ordinary day when you are late for work, would it ever occur to you to put your favorite skirt together the blazer you love and the ruffled scarf you made in a weekend knitting class?

It would if you are Marc Jacobs. The Los Angeles Times says it is Jacobs’ particular genius to take a random bunch of cultural touchstones and global references Pierrot the Clown, Zandra Rhodes punk rock chic, the exotic costumes of Asia, Commes des Garcons put them in a blender and come up with something beautiful and fun.

The fashion press has flipped for this collection. I’ve spent the better part of today reading reviews and looking at the runway pictures trying to see the magic.  And now I think I finally get the reason for their giddy enthusiasm. It’s not a beautiful collection. There’s no one piece that is more breathtakingly beautiful or inspired than any other. Even though I do love the ruffled print dresses, that’s not the point. I already have ruffled print dresses. It’s the whole idea of the collection,  which is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Jacobs’ creative paring of business suits with ruffles with boho skirts and lingerie that is so amazing. I imagine Marc throwing open a trunk filled with looks he loved and starting putting them together too see what disparate pieces might look nice together even if they were never meant to go together.

And really, isn’t this what we do every morning when we get dressed? Grab a favorite skirt, a comfy blouse and a trusty trench coat and wear them all together just because you like them? Nine  year old girls do this all the time, with varied, but amusing results.

But I don’t think that’s what makes Marc Jacobs important. The reason I’m growing fond of him is for creating a collection that gives women like me permission to throw open my closet, take out all my favorite pieces throw them on my bed and try to make something new and fresh and interesting.

So go ahead. Have fun with your clothes.  If it works for Marc Jacobs, with a little practice it can work for you.

See the whole collection here.


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